Virtual stargazing event at Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland, Northumberland

An Introduction To Star Gazing & Star Counting

We often get star struck in Northumberland living in big sky country...

Looking up during lockdown has never been more uplifting than when gazing at the night sky in February (when the moon is at it’s least bright meaning darker nights and more stars!)

This event is now full - please check back for more events in the coming weeks.

Join in our free event on Tuesday 9th February with Andy Gray, our 'star' man, who is a semi-retired research chemist, school science teacher and self professed star geek. He’s been gazing up and talking about all things space for the last 15 years, running space talks at the North Pennines stargazing festival for the last couple of years and has been helping our stargazing evenings for the last 2 years.

The event is linked to the Country Side Charity CPRE Star Count running 6-14th February.

Virtual Event Details

This event is now full - we hope to have another one soon!

    • The event will begin at 7pm and conclude at 8pm (approximately)
    • Andy will guide you around the night sky, give advice on the best apps you might like to use for future stargazing and also how you can get involved in the star count.
    • Best enjoyed with a hot drink in hand - it should be a stellar event!
    • Perfect for stargazers ages 8 years and above

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