Escape to our country hotel in Blanchland, Northumberland

Lord Crewe Arms

So much moor…

Nestled in the honey-stone village of Blanchland, beneath a cloak of forests and heath, stands our storybook bolthole. Offering the warmth of twenty-one bedrooms, each decorated in soothing Pennine hues, we're ideally positioned for a relaxing northern getaway. Soaked in Northumbrian soul – this is hillside living with heart, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love us for it.


Bastions of crafted luxury betrothed to the wilds, each of our hilltop hideaways profess a heavenly sort of stillness.


Simple, honest plates plucked from the larder of our landscape, our food evolves with the seasons. Always delicious, our menus are the perfect choice for hearty feasts.


The perfect backdrop for your dream day, nothing whispers rustic romance more than wild moors, knitted forests, teardrop windows and a blazing fireside (or four).


Just across our Pennine piazza lies The Gatehouse. Once the keeper of the keys, today it’s our one-of-a-kind meeting space promising a hearty dose of hilltop verve.

Our story

From monks dressed in white to the dissolution of the Abbeys of England, our Northumberland hideaway boasts an awe-inspiring history that is woven into the very fabric of the moors.

The place to feast

Delve into simple, honest plates plucked from the larders of our landscape.  Our food evolves in company with the seasons; always bountiful, always beautiful, always begging for just one mouthful more.

Tie the knot

A monastic paradise in the clouds; nothing whispers rustic romance more than wild moors, knitted forests, tear drop windows and a blazing fireside (or four...)

Plotting north?

Spoil yourself, that special someone or the whole motley crew, with a snug getaway in Northumberland.